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What Happened With NW19 MSP-NRT Yesterday?

Thu Dec 21, 2006 8:16 am

Yesterday I returned home from St. Paul to Atlanta for the holidays. While I was waiting for my flight in MSP to ATL, I saw a bunch of fire trucks leave their station. I didn't think much of it since they respond to a lot of things at airports, many of which are not major. Anyway, I decided to walk over to the international area and saw NW flight 19 (MSP-NRT) sitting on the tarmac gushing fuel from its right wing close to the end of the wing. There was a trail of spilled fuel leading from the gate to where the plane was sitting (parallel to the building). The fire trucks were all waiting near the nose, people were dumping sawdust where the fuel was landing. There was an assortment of people at the gate on walkie talkies and cell phones (check-in agents, ramp workers, an NWA executive). From listening to their conversations, it didn't seem that they knew what was going on except that it was not an overfueling. I had to leave at this point to catch my flight. When I took off a little while later, the plane was back at the gate. According to, the flight didn't depart to NRT until 6:34pm (5.5 hours late). What happened with that plane? Were the people that missed flights in NRT put up in hotels in Tokyo?