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Snowed In Employees

Fri Dec 22, 2006 6:14 am

For all of the airport employees/airline employees, what happens in a situation such as the one happening right now in DEN? I reckon that just about everyone who was there when the storm hit, would still be there, from CSAs to tower operators, to rampers, to cleaners, to shop attendants, to pilots. I would also reckon that some of these would just keep on working, like the CSAs obviously, and the shop attendants, while there is still food to sell, which I'm sure has been depleted by now. I guess they just plug on, catchin naps when they can. Since the airport is indeed closed, not much need for controllers or pilots, so I guess they are chillin in their respective break rooms. Can the flight crews start taking this "down" time as crew rest so that when the airport is indeed opened again they can fly again? This entire situation must be trying for emplyees and passengers alike. I hope and pray that this situation will end soon and everything will be all right.

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