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Brazil-Asia Via DXB Connections Update

Wed Jan 03, 2007 7:19 am


Many of you are asking how EK will be able to take away from the European, American carriers and Air Canada their passengers bound to & from Brazil to the Middle East, Far East Asia and India.

Its very simple...mentioned below are the excellent connections on offer by EK :

EK 262 departs GRU at 0125 and arrives into DXB at 2305.

Therefore from 0100 onwards, the following outbound EK flights connect with the incoming GRU-DXB flight.

PEK flight departs DXB @ 0300...4 hr transit

PVG flight departs DXB @ 0325...4 hr transit

KHI flight departs DXB @ 0130...2 hr transit

BOM flight departs DXB @ 0400...5 hr transit

DEL flight departs DXB @ 0440...5 hr 40 min transit

SIN has 2 flights departing @ 0245 and 0320 respectively from DXB.

BKK flight departs DXB @ 0315...4 hr transit

HKG flight departs DXB @ 0315...4 hr transit...flight stops in BKK enroute...nonstop DXB-HKG flt is at 8am dep DXB!!

KIX flight departs DXB @ 0250...i.e. 4 hr transit

NGO flight departs DXB @ 0245...i.e. 4 hr, the largest expat Brazilian population resides in NGO!!! you can bet your life that EK will aggressively market their inflight product on their A 345s and B 772LRs esp in the premium classes to the big corporations engaged in frequent travel between the 2 nations to win their business.

KUL flight departs DXB @ 0310...i.e. 4 hr transit

Therefore approx each destination has a 4 hr transit in DXB which is perfect.

On the inbound/return sector, the connecting times in DXB are as follows :

EK 261 departs DXB at 0930 bound for GRU. This flight connects with the following arrivals from Asia :

BOM flight arrives into DXB @ 0600...3 hr transit in DXB

NGO flight arrives into DXB @ 0555...3 hr transit in DXB

KIX flight arrives into DXB @ 0555...3 hr transit in DXB

PEK flight arrives into DXB @ 0450...4 hr transit in DXB

PVG flight arrives into DXB @ 0510...4 hr transit in DXB

HKG flights arrives into DXB @ 0545 and 0500 respectively...4 hr transit in DXB

BKK flights arrives into DXB @ 0555 and 0500 respectively...4 hr transit in DXB

SIN triple daily arrivals into DXB between 0500-0600...3-4 hr transit in DXB

KUL flight arrives into DXB @ 0345...5 hr transit in DXB

KHI flight arrives into DXB @ 0640...3 hr transit in DXB

So even on the return sector, an approx 3-4 hour transit in overall excellent connections BOTH WAYS for Asia bound GRU pax and vice versa.

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