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Fight On Russian Airliner Bound For Montenegro

Wed Jan 03, 2007 11:15 am

A fist-fight among the passengers of an Atalnt Soyuz plane bound for Montenegro's capital Podgorica, left three passengers hospitalized with fractures and bruises.

The fight occurred mid-flight (Sunday, 31st December) and involved a number of passengers of Russian and Montenegrin nationality.

They were all arrested at Golubovci Airport on arrival.

In Serbian:
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RE: Fight On Russian Airliner Bound For Montenegro

Wed Jan 03, 2007 11:21 am

Unfortunately I can't read Serbian, but I'll take your word for it with what happened.

Now wouldn't you think that the flight crew would be trained to handle and control the situation? Now I might be wrong but it certain cases can't they restrain the passenger's if they are a threat to the rest of the passenger's and crew?
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RE: Fight On Russian Airliner Bound For Montenegro

Wed Jan 03, 2007 11:27 am

Quoting Funflyer (Reply 1):
Now I might be wrong but it certain cases can't they restrain the passenger's if they are a threat to the rest of the passenger's and crew?

They should be able to unless they too celebrated a little on this New Year's eve flight with a few vodka's Big grin

Jokes aside, this sounds like an all-out fight involving many passengers - you simply don't have that many crew to coordinate a mass restraining. Big grin
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RE: Fight On Russian Airliner Bound For Montenegro

Thu Jan 04, 2007 8:16 am

I witnessed a fight onboard a TK flight from IST to ALA in November 2006. Up to five passengers 'interacted' with the other one during the flight. It got to violent face punching leaving bruises. The drunk passenger provoked the fight by yelling apparently something offencive. The stewards intruded only verbally. I was surprised that actually those were other passengers, restraining him.

Actually, I though that the captain would land in Tbilisi or Baku to get the passenger off. The provocateur was handed over to the police upon landing in ALA.

I guess, something like that happens onboard many airliners. It's the sanctions what differs.
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RE: Fight On Russian Airliner Bound For Montenegro

Thu Jan 04, 2007 8:20 am

Has ever a passenger paid the whole costs of diverting a plane due to his behaviour on board?
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RE: Fight On Russian Airliner Bound For Montenegro

Thu Jan 04, 2007 8:35 am

Hi there! got this from a inflight surveillance camera company website (FLIGHT VU), worrying, isn't it?

3rd August 2006 – Fort Lauderdale
A passenger was taken for a 72 hour psychological evaluation after trying to force open the emergency door. The passenger was on his way to Fort Lauderdale for psychological treatment when he became agitated and started to pace the floor before his apparent escape attempt.
As a public Service Aero-News would like to once again remind everyone that with the adventures of this passenger aside, it is virtually impossible to open the door of a modern airliner while in flight. And wish people would stop trying to do so.

1st August 2006 – Hong Kong
A Woman was removed from a flight from Hong Kong to Tokyo as she refused to stow her Gucci handbag under the seat in front of her or in the cabin overhead. Other passengers clapped when the woman and the handbag were escorted from the flight after delaying the flight for an hour.

1st August 2006 – Tulsa
A flight from Las Vegas to Arkansas was diverted to Tulsa after an altercation between two passengers. One passenger threatened another with a ball point pen. The airport police took the passenger into custody and later arrested him.

28th July 2006 – Johannesburg
A man wielding a Swiss knife had to be restrained and moved to the back of an SA Airways aircraft on a flight from Zurich to Johannesburg.
After he spent the first leg of the trip threatening a passenger with the knife, banging on the floor of an occupied toilet and repeatedly grabbing the earphones off the head of a woman sitting next to him.

20th July 2006 – Taipei
A China Airlines flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Taipei was diverted to the southern Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung after a passenger broke a window on the aircraft. The male passenger broke the window with his arm after he became intoxicated. The average window is double layered so safety will not be threatened said a China Airlines spokesman.

10th July 2006 – Florida
A passenger onboard a flight to Florida was detained after repeatedly trying to break into the cockpit. About fifteen minutes before landing the flight crew asked him to sit down to which he refused and tried to run through the cockpit door after falling down he got up and tried again.

7th July 2006 – Brisbane
An Irishman has been charged with allegedly punching a female flight attendant on a flight form Singapore to Brisbane. The man appeared to be intoxicated and was abusing passengers before allegedly assaulting the attendant.

9th June 2006 – Sydney
A member of a Territory dance troupe had to be physically restrained after abusing passengers and crew. Joe Watson of the White Cockatoos dance troupe was charged with offensive and disorderly behavior on an aircraft after getting drunk on the flight.

8th June 2006 – Manchester England
A husband was arrested after a row with his wife got out of hand at 35,000ft.
Passengers and crew tried to calm him down on the flight from Spain to Manchester but he became so abusive the captain radioed ahead for help.

5th June 2006 – Hawaii
A man aboard a Hawaiian Airlines flight assaulted a male flight attendant during a flight from Hawaii to Pago Pago. The flight was returned to Hawaii where the unnamed passenger was arrested.

2nd June 2006 – Spain
British singer Pete Doherty was detained on board a flight from London to Barcelona after a blood filled syringe was found in the planes toilet but was then released. Cabin crew were suspicious after an unnamed passenger, later confirmed to be Doherty by Britain’s domestic press association news agency spent an unusual amount of time in the toilet and as soon as he left they searched the toilets to find the blood filled syringe.

24th March 2006 – Perth
A 46 year old man has been charged with disorderly behavior after being arrested during a flight from Sydney to Perth. The man was cautioned several times by cabin crew before being escorted to the rear of the plane where he continued to abuse staff and other passengers.

13th March 2006 – Columbus
A man made threats aboard from Cleveland to Cincinnati. He punched an off duty crewmember before other passengers subdued him, the pilot diverted to Port Columbus where he man was arrested by airport police.

12th February 2006 – Pusan
A 40 year old man, who was on his honeymoon, created a disturbance on a Korean Air flight from Pusan to Cheju. The man was drunk and refused to sit down before the plane took off and lay down in the aisle breaking an in-flight meal cart. He attacked cabin purser and ground crew who tried to stop him. He was removed after staff used a stun gun to hold him in the presence of police.

10th February 2006 – Salt Lake City
An unruly passenger who claimed to have a baby names Jesus, that her uncle impregnated her and that President Bush was behind it all forced a flight to divert to Salt Lake City. Two passengers subdued the woman after she attacked flight attendants as well as other passengers.

9th January 2006 – Kochi
A woman who was not happy about her in-laws accompanying her family to the US kicked up a fuss as the flight to America via Dubai. The husband had managed to keep the row under control until the flight had started to taxi on the runway when the wife started her argument again, immediately the husband informed crew he wanted to disembark with his family.

5th January 2006 – Porto Santo
An unwilling Robinson Crusoe has been dumped on a desert island after launching a foul-mouthed attack at the crew or a passenger jet. He began abusing the cabin crew of a flight from Manchester, he refused to calm down and then turned his attention to the other 210 passengers. The pilot took a detour to remove the man from the aircraft.

7th December 2005 – Charlotte
A United Airlines flight was diverted to charlotte after an unruly passenger lit a cigarette, argued with a flight attendant and then urinated in the planes aisle. He was thought to be drunk as he boarded the plane.

21st November 2005 – Australia
A French woman was arrested after attempting to open an airplane door mid-flight so that she could smoke a cigarette. Before a flight from Hong Kong to Brisbane the woman had drank alcohol and taken sleeping tablets due to a fear of flying.

18th November 2005 – Chicago
A 56 year old Chicago man was sent to prison for disrupting a flight after a flight attendant refused to serve him alcohol. The man threatened and harassed flight attendants on a flight from Chicago to Seattle. He was also ordered to pay more than $1500 in restitution.

14th October 1005 – Tampa
A 24 year old man was arrested after shattering a plastic shield covering the glass window and disconnected it’s frame about 90 minutes into an overnight flight. The punch basically exposed the exterior of the aircraft. He faces up to 20years in a federal prison if convicted or damaging an aircraft while it was operating.

5th October 2005
Disruptive Behavior more than doubles on British airlines.
Smoking and alcohol abuse are the main causes for incidents onboard aircraft. The number of incidents over the past years compared with the year prior has risen 59% to 1486 incedents.

8th September 2005 – Denver
26 year old Jason Trevort flew much of the way from Houston to Denver tied up with duct tape. Fellow passengers had to subdue him after he became unruly and abusive shouting profanities, spitting and biting other passengers.

24th August 2005 – Denver
Te president of a rugby team called the Denver Barbarians apologized to Denver City council after some of the players got out of hand on a flight to Denver. Several team members became disruptive after they were told they could no longer purchase alcoholic beverages.

19th July 2005 – Charlotte North Carolina
A British man faces up to 20 years behind bars after threatening to kill 247 people on a London bound flight. Sean Joyce is thought to have been drinking wine and taking pills before becoming violent.

7th July 2005 – Trinidad
A Toronto man was arrested in Trinidad after the Air Canada flight was forced to land there following a violent case of air rage. The airline say the man had been drinking and became verbally abusive toward a flight attendant.

22nd June 2006 Cape Town
A 21 – year old student tried to force his way into the cockpit of a South African Airways aircraft with a hypodermic needle on a flight from Cape Town. He threatened an airhostess with a syringe, but was tackled and handcuffed by fellow passengers, including an off-duty pilot. The man a Zimbabwean student at the University of Cape Town, apparently wanted to divert the plane to Maputo.

3rd June 2005 Dallas

A federal grand jury indicted a man for allegedly assaulting and intimidating a flight attendant on a flight last summer.
The man who was flying from Houston to Tulsa, also allegedly bit another passenger on the hand and struck him on the lip in July 2004, the man who caused the flight to be detoured to Dallas, was charged with one count of interference with flight crew members and attendants and one count of assault, according to the release.
If convicted he faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a $500,000 fine.

11th May 2005 New York
A 48-year-old man was pronounced dead on arrival in hospital after an incident on a New York bound flight.
The man had pushed aside a flight attendant after she refused to serve him alcohol, seven male passengers wrestled him to the ground where flexible handcuffs were put on him and he was seated back in his seat.
The medical examiners office released a statement saying he died from acute cocaine and alcohol intoxication aggravated by heart trouble.

21st April 2005 Singapore

A man charged for air rage on SilkAir flight to India.
A man made threats to a fight attendant that he was a member of an Israeli group and was not afraid of bringing down the plane.
He was arrested at Changi airport upon returning from India.

14th April 2005 Las Vegas

A passenger was taken in to custody after he allegedly struck a flight attendant.
A fight had broken out between two passengers when one of the passengers struck the flight attendant. The passenger accused of hitting the attendant could face federal charges.

07th April 2005 – Honolulu
A Californian man has been charged with interfering with the duties of an airline flight crew, on a flight from Lihue to San Francisco. The man became disruptive after he was refused alcohol. He took off his shirt and refused to sit down when instructed to do so. The pilot returned the plane where the man was taken into custody, the flighty then carried on to San Francisco.

29th March 2005 Perth
A female business class passenger in her mid-50’s allegedly struck the purser, spat and abused fellow passengers for more than 2 hours of the 3-½ hour flight.
She became abusive after she was refused an alcoholic drink.

22nd March 2005 – Moscow
Russian authorities arrested an Australian passenger on a Russian aeroplane who tried to break into the cockpit and threatened to blow up the plane. It was discovered he did not have any explosives and was extremely drunk.

15th March 2005 – Rotterdam
Upon arrival in Rotterdam at least 8 passengers were arrested after a fight broke out between two groups over a woman from one of the groups. One member of the opposite group made a lewd comment and the fight erupted.

10th March 2005 – Anchorage
A 35-year-old man was arrested after going on a rampage during a flight from Denver to Anchorage when he was denied alcohol.
When he boarded the plane he was heard swearing and the pilot told him he would not be served alcohol. When the flight attendant refused him alcohol he went on a rampage through the flight urinating in the floors and breaking trays. The man was arrested when the flight landed in Anchorage.

18th February 2005 – United Kingdom

A woman has been arrested on suspicion of assault and being drunk on an aircraft.
The 23year old woman was arrested when she arrived in Manchester. She was on a flight from Dubai where there was a disturbance on the flight and another woman suffered a bite wound.

19th January 2005 - Tenerife
A Norwegian man had to be tied up after he started to assault passengers on a flight from Trondheim to Canary Islands. The man from Trondelag was reportedly already drunk when he boarded the flight. Passengers restrained the man.

12th January 2005 – Moscow,
A flight from Toronto to Moscow was diverted to Iceland because of a man in a state of alcoholic intoxication provoked a fight, swore wildly and shouted at the crew and passengers.

10TH January 2005 Orlando
A 66 year old woman was arrested on a flight from Orlando to Albuquerque after she started to act strangely on the flight by laying down her seat, blocking the aisle with her legs, exposing her bra to the cabin crew and placing her hand on the crotch of a sleeping male passenger. While speaking to a flight attendant she said ‘I know there is a bomb on the plane’ and ‘I know we are being hijacked’. After being arrested she then proceeded to tell an airport officer and a US customs agent that she was going to kill the FBI agent who had interrogated her. While being transported to jail she asked how much money the officers made and offered to pay them between several hundred to a thousand dollars if they let her go, the officers asked her if she was trying to bribe them in their position as federal agents. She answered ‘Yes’.

4th January 2005 - China
A man was arrested in China accused of trying to hijack a passenger jet to Taiwan. The man was detained after he told cabin crew on the flight from Harbin to Xiamen that he wanted to fly to Taiwan and threatened to kill himself. He had a knife which he held to his throat in an effort to convince the cabin who, instead, over powered him.

20th December 2004 - Winnipeg
A man said to be in his late 20s, had to be removed from the bathroom on a flight to Winnipeg. The passenger locked himself in the bathroom and was making incoherent noises. He was removed from the bathroom by police, who found no weapons or injuries on the man. He was later taken to hospital for mental evaluation.

1st December 2004 - Detroit
A man was has been sentenced to five years probation for assaulting a flight attendant and another passenger on a flight from Narita to Detroit.
He claimed he could not remember what happened as he had taken two sleeping pills before the flight and drank four shots of whiskey.

29Th November 2004 - Detroit
A 48year old man has been sentenced to 5years probation for assaulting a flight attendant and another passenger on a flight from Narita, Japan to Detroit. As part of his probation he was ordered to serve one year at a community corrections centre and to pay $57,9000 in restitution to the airline.

24th November 2004 – Montreal

A 19 and a 25-year-old have been charged with assault, uttering threats and uttering threats respectively after an altercation broke out on a flight from Colombia to Montreal about their seating arrangements. One of the women was travelling with 14 others and as the fight broke out most of her travelling companions left their seat to move towards the altercation before being pushed back by flight attendants.

17th November 2004 – Seattle USA
A man accused of spitting in the face of a flight attendant on a flight from Seattle to Honolulu has now been charged with knowingly interfering with the duties of an airline flight crew.
The 26year old was arrested after he became disruptive on the flight and pinned the flight attendant to the floor and repeatedly spit on her face.

12 October 2004 – Cape Town
An Italian Businessman was arrested and fine after the pilot of a London to Cape Town flight found the man as having smoked onboard.

10th October 2004 - New Zealand
A drunken man was restrained by a British police rugby league team on a flight to play their New Zealand counterparts. The man became unruly and aggressive towards other passengers received a nasty shock to find out that his flight also included the rugby team.

6TH October 2004 – Liverpool UK
A 27year old landscape gardener from Manchester was arrested and charged after swearing at a police officer who was attempting to remove him from the plane. The flight from Manchester to cologne was filled with a rugby team who mocked German passengers on board with the theme from ‘Dambusters’.

5Th October 2004 - Vancouver
Two people from Vancouver have been charged with causing a disturbance and mischief on a flight from Toronto to Vancouver. The pair became obnoxious and unco-operative and torn up the cautionary letters given to them from the captain.

22nd September 2004 – USA
Yusuf Islam, formally know at the pop singer Cat Stevens, was allowed to board a plane in London even though he was on the governments no-fly list.

21th September 2004 – London
A 45year old man walked free from Hove crown court, after admitting to endangering the safety of an aircraft by setting fire to a pornographic magazine, in which he found a picture offensive. He objected to a picture of a black man with a white women, which he then used a lighter to set the fire. He was given a two year conditional discharge and ordered to pay a fine.

16th September 2004 – Perth
A 33year old man was arrested after allegedly assaulting a passenger on a Quantas flight from Adelaide to Perth.
He was charged after allegedly damaging property in the airport office of the Australian Federal police and a WA police vehicle.

25th August 2004 – Gatwick UK
On a flight from Norway to Gatwick a man used a lighter to set fire to torn up pieces of paper under his seat. It was later discovered it was pages from a porn magazine which he was torching. He claimed he was burning the pictures because they offended him.

19th August 2004 – New York
A man who assaulted another passenger on a flight from Nevada to New York has now been sentenced to three years in prison. He was also sentenced to six months supervised release with three months to be spend on home detention.

17th August 2004 – Ireland, UK
Irish police arrested a 36-year old man after he became abusive aboard the flight from New York to Athens, The pilot was forced to make an emergency landing at Shannon airport Western Ireland.

10th August 2004 – Brussels, Belgium
After a passenger’s cat escaped from its cage 20minutes into the flight from the Belgium capital to Vienna, the pilot made a return emergency trip to Brussels.
Although it is not yet clear how the cat managed to escape from its cage, once free he roamed the flight and became agitated and scratch the co-pilots arm.

4th August 2004 – Phoenix, USA
10 people became ill after the Air conditioning went out on a flight from Phoenix to San Antonio.
Hot temperatures and hot tempers are being blamed after the pilot decided to return to the gate and contacted security. During the time it took for security to reach the aircraft 10 people had become ill.

1st August 2004 – Miami, USA
Two passengers were removed from a New York bound flight from Miami International Airport because a crewmember considered the T- shirt one of them was wearing as obscene. The T-shirt featured a man and a woman with the woman’s breast showing. A spokeswoman said the couple can legally be barred from a flight as ‘proper attire’ is required.

30th July 2004 – Honolulu USA
A man was taken into custody after he claimed me had a bomb on board a flight from Lihue to Honolulu. An item was taken from the man but it was later determined it was not a bomb. The plane was searched an no bomb was found onboard.

20th July 2004 – Russia

A reverse Air rage incident occurred on a flight from Moscow to the Siberian City of Nizhnevartovsk as drunken flight crew attacked a passenger. The passenger had complained that the crew were intoxicated and demanded to be served by another attendant and was attacked.

19th July 2004 – Cleveland USA

A flight Seattle to Newark was diverted and forced to land in Cleveland after a passenger attacked a flight crewmember. She was charged with assaulting a flight crew member after she allegedly started screaming at him then kicking him in the groin, pulled his hair, spat on his face and bit his finger.

16th April 2004 – Hamilton USA

A drunken Police officer from Toronto has been charged with after pleading guilty to making death threats, assault and sexual assault.
He terrorised a young girl and her father before sexually assaulting one flight attendant while making threatening comments to another. He was hustled away by police when the plane landed in Hamilton.

14th July 2004 – Melbourne Australia

A man who tried to hijack a plane flying from Melbourne to Launceston with wooden steaks and aerosol cans has been found not guilty of attempted hijacking, attempted murder and intentionally causing grievous bodily harm because of mental impairment.
The 41year old man was suffering from Paranoid schizophrenia, which included grandiose religious delusions. The jury heard that he was on a mission from god to crash the plane in to the walls of Jerusalem National Park to rid the world of the devil.

6th July 2004 – Bali
A drunken Australian tourist terrorised passengers on a flight to Bali is yet to be questioned by the Australian Federal Police. He Headed for the cockpit shouting that he was armed and had explosives, he was stopped by another passenger. No charges have been laid against the man who was released a few hours after the incident allegedly took place.

1st July 2004 – Los Angeles
A woman was questioned after a flight attendant was attacked aboard a flight from Oakland to Los Angeles. The authorities say that the incident did not involve guns, knives or any other weapons.

19th June 2004 – Salt Lake City, USA
On a flight to Salt Lake City a man threw the Federal Aviation Administration regulation in a flight attendants face after she repeatedly asking him to speak softly to other passengers after making a very loud verbal comment. He was repeatedly told to sit down by the attendant. Other passengers finally escorted him to his seat after he allegedly struck the attendant.

9th June 2004 – Philadelphia USA
A passenger slapped a federal air marshal after refusing to end a phone call on her cell phone. The 38year old woman refused to end her call as the plane taxied for take off after being asked by the air marshal as she said it would have been rude.

9th June 2004 – Vietnam
Vietnam Airlines has banned a woman from flying on its planes after she attacked an attendant after being asked repeatedly to stop using her mobile phone during takeoff and landing.

23rd May 2004 – Canberra Australia
Federal Liberal MP Dave Tollner was accused of being drunk and aggressive while on a flight from Adelaide to Canberra. Tollner refused to sit down on approach to Canberra and demanded more alcohol.

16th May 2004 – Panama City
Panamanian authorities held six Israelis after they pulled out plastic toy guns and engaging in a gunfire game in the middle of the flight. It was reported that there is nothing to suggest that that they were dealing with a group intent on carrying out acts of terrorism. The Israelis could face up to 15years in prison and fines of up to $5,000 for charges of threatening collective security.

13th May 2004 – Glasgow, UK
37 Senior Tesco staff were removed from a flight from Glasgow to Belfast for being drunk and disorderly. It was stated that ‘The captain felt that their presence as a group was a potential threat to the safety of other passengers because of the drunk and disorderly behaviour of a number of individuals within the group.

6th February 2004 – Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
A bank executive discovered in mid flight that he had unintentionally carried on board a pistol on a flight bound for Singapore. He reported the matter to the crew and the weapon was confiscated, The Singaporean authorities were not involved.

31st January 2004 – Miami USA
Three men from the Dominican Republic were found stowed away in a shrink-wrapped pallet. There were found at Miami International Airport and deported.

16th January 2004 – Athens, Greece
A German passenger was arrested trying to carry a .357 calibre revolver with more that 100 rounds of ammunition on to a flight bound for Crete.

14th January 2004 – Melbourne Australia
A 23year old woman subjected a flight from Hobart to Melbourne to a 50 minute tirade. The pilot described the incident as ‘an environmental anomaly’ after the woman took off her shirt and bra and defecated in her pants.

8th January 2004 – Crawley UK
A 41 year old woman was given 200 hours community service and ordered to pay compensation to another passenger after she assaulted them on a flight from Cuba to Gatwick.

6th December 2003 – Edmonton, USA
A 22year old woman was arrested after she tried to board a flight with pipe bombs in her luggage. Police say that the bombs were home made and it is unclear what her intentions were.

5th December 2003 – Newcastle, UK
5 British soldiers were ordered to pay fines from £1200 to £1500 for a drunken incident on a flight from Belfast to Newcastle.

31ts October 2003 – Inverness, UK
A 43year old man was fined £600 for his sexually abusive behaviour on a Loganair flight in March. He demanded a lapdance from one of the stewardesses, she ignored him then he raised two fingers towards her and started swearing.

11th October 2003 – New York, USA
A 25year old student became unruly on a flight from Mexico City to Paris, causing the flight to be diverted to JFK. However the student was pronounced dead on arrival as a result of alcohol intake and a subsequent violent struggle.

19th September 2003 – Manchester UK
A 39year old man allegedly smeared blood on passengers and groped a 15year old girl on a flight from Philadelphia to Manchester. The man who foamed also attacked two air marshals.

5th September 2003 – Dallas USA
After a shipping clerk loaded himself into a crate and filled paperwork indicating the crate held a computer and clothes he was loaded on to a plane. He finally arrived in Dallas where the incident caused controversy regarding lax cargo security requirements.

1st August 2003 – Sydney, Australia
A man was caught with a metal baton and a knife on a flight from Lismore to Sydney. It is thought that the man did not threaten or try to harm anyone on the plane.

30th June 2003 – Winnipeg, USA
Rebecca Kelly was given a conditional release on charges of air rage on a flight from Los Angeles to London in 2002. Kelly, Actress and mother of two of Jack Nicholson’s Children hit and swore at an attendant who refused to serve her more alcohol.

19th June 2003 – Salt Lake City, USA
A man was charged with interfering with flight crewmembers and assault on an aircraft after causing a disturbance on a flight from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City. He was verbally abusive toward a female passenger and threw a small bottle of liquor that only just missed heads of other passengers aboard the flight.

23rd May 2003 – Bellingham Washington USA
A 43year old man was arrested for carrying two pocket knives and a small bomb in his luggage. Authorities do not believe he had any intent of bringing down the plane.

20th May 2003 – Aberdeen UK
A 38year old man was fined £750 for an act of air rage on a flight from Norwich to Aberdeen. He allegedly thumped the back of the seat in front of him and shouted at various things at a flight attendant.

1st March 2003 - Mauritius
A Crewmember has been arrested on suspicion of raping a 36-year-old British woman on her flight from Mauritius to London. It is thought that her cocktails were laced with drugs. The crewmember has been released on bail.

13th February 2003 – London UK
A terminal was closed after a live hand grenade was found in the luggage of Hasil Mohammed Rahaham Alan. He was travelling from Caracas Venezuela. He was arrested under the anti terrorism law.

30th January 2003 – Boston USA
A Boston Court has given Richard Reid three life sentences plus an additional 110 years in prison. He was fined a further $2 million and was ordered to pay $298.17 to the flight attendant he had injured and a further $5,784 to American Airlines. Reid who tried to blow up an American Airlines flight from Paris to Miami on 22nd December 2001 by using an explosive device concealed in his shoes.

17th October 2002 – Miami USA
Pablo Moreira Mosca was sentenced to two years in prison for going on a psychotic rampage and smashing through a cockpit door on a flight from Miami to Argentina. The Uruguayan banker is to pay $1,091, which covers only half the costs of the door repairs.

21st September 2002 – Frankfurt, Germany
Two men were stopped trying to board a flight to Tel Aviv carrying a knife and a pistol.
They escaped by saying there were undercover security agents. An investigation is underway to determine if this was a security test of a hijacking attempt.

11th September 2002 – Brisbane, Australia
A virgin Blue Passenger was restrained and arrested by Australian Protective Services Officers after making inappropriate comment about the September 11th Attacks.

25th August 2002 – Philadelphia USA
Nancy Keller was arrested for carrying a fully loaded .357 Magnum in her bag. She was making a connection in Philadelphia from Atlanta when the gun was detected.

15th August 2002 – Miami USA
A man accused of hijacking a plane from New Orleans to Havana in 1980, has now been arrested by the FBI. The man was armed with a cigarette lighter and a plastic bottle filled with clear liquid.

8th August 2002 - TURKU, FINLAND
A Swedish woman managed to smuggle the bodies of her twins onto a flight. The twins who died at birth and were very premature were hidden in her hand luggage.

10th July 2002, Cape Town, South Africa
A 35 year old man tried to break into the cockpit of a South African Airways B-747 en route from Cape Town to London. Two passengers and cabin crew wrestled him to the ground.

2nd April 2002, Spain
A Delta flight from Atlanta to Spain was diverted after a passenger bit a flight attendant. The passenger was reported to be either drunk or under the influence of drugs.

31st February 1999, Norfolk, Virginia, USA
A flight was diverted after an incident involving twelve people. The Airtours flight, from London Gatwick to Montego Bay, Jamaica landed at Norfolk, Virginia and the twelve were taken off the aircraft. Reports allege that a mid-air argument about loud singing resulted in a drunken brawl. Airtours plan to take legal action to recover the fuel costs of the diversion, a bill of £20,000.

November 1998
In an widely publicized incident Fiona Weir, an Airtours air stewardess, was attacked in flight. Her attacker hit her over the head and slashed her with a broken vodka bottle.

October 1998, UK
Ian Brown, lead singer of the Stone Roses, received a four month jail sentence following his threat to cut off the hands of a British Airways stewardess. He is not the only rockstar to hit the headlines in this way, Cathay Pacific Airlines have issued a lifetime ban on Liam Gallagher of Oasis.

September 1998
A young man was arrested after a transatlantic flight when he bit and headbutted cabin crew; a young woman was arrested on the same day, on another transatlantic flight, she was found guilty of two counts of actual bodily harm.

4th November 1998 - London, UK
Andrew Szczepaniak was jailed for two months after pleading guilty to using threatening behavior on a British Airways flight from Tokyo the day before
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RE: Fight On Russian Airliner Bound For Montenegro

Thu Jan 04, 2007 9:12 am

This is indeed worrying to read. Seems to me that alcohol is generally a mandatory ingredient when it comes to inflight trouble. Maybe it is time for airlines to reconsider even offering this?

Just my five cents.
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RE: Fight On Russian Airliner Bound For Montenegro

Thu Jan 04, 2007 8:52 pm

I think most often passenger board the aircraft already reasonably drunk, either because they killed their waiting time at the airport pub or simply drunk a lot as nervous flyers to feel more comfortable. It will not happen very often that a perfectly sober pax will get extremely drunk on a short-/medium-haul flight only by consuming alcohol offered by the airline.
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RE: Fight On Russian Airliner Bound For Montenegro

Thu Jan 04, 2007 9:16 pm

That's right, most of the passengers I have had to disembark at crew's request (fortunately before take off) or I have denied boarding are transit passengers with plenty of time to spend in the boarding area bars (and VIP lounges, of course).


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Blimps / Airships Everything from the Goodyear blimp to the Zeppelin

Night Photos Beautiful shots taken while the sun is below the horizon

Accidents Accident, incident and crash related photos

Air to Air Photos taken by airborne photographers of airborne aircraft

Special Paint Schemes Aircraft painted in beautiful and original liveries

Airport Overviews Airport overviews from the air or ground

Tails and Winglets Tail and Winglet closeups with beautiful airline logos