British European's Livery Looks.......

Mon Jul 17, 2000 3:09 am

I think the jersey colours were better,what do you think?

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RE: British European's Livery Looks.......

Mon Jul 17, 2000 4:43 am


Well there is not that much of a difference is there?

It's nice to see the British European Airways name in the skies again. All we need now is Imperial Airways.

Can anyone confirm that BA still 'owns' this name?

Gary Watt
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Mon Jul 17, 2000 6:04 am

It does not look that different but it looks like the logo has been messed up and does not look as nice.
BA does own British European Airways,
but the title is "British European" so they own the rights.

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RE: What Do They Operate?

Mon Jul 17, 2000 6:26 am

Does British European only have BAe 146's


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RE: British European's Livery Looks.......

Mon Jul 17, 2000 6:26 am

The logo does look a bit, well... wrong- I just don't think its as nice as before.
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RE: British European's Livery Looks.......

Mon Jul 17, 2000 7:35 am

I think the new livery looks much more "purposeful" than the old one, nice to see the arrow finally pointing the same way as the aircraft! I would say though that it would look better if the point of the arrow on the tail was not cut off.

Having seen the 2 liveries side by side @ BHX recently, I have to say I perfer the new one.

In the press release at;
The airline made the point of stressing the new name was British European, and that it would not be shortened to BEA or referred to as British European Airways.

BE operate a large fleet of BAe146s (-1/2/300) alongside CRJs and Dash 8Qs (-1/3/4) which are replacing F-27s and SH-360s. The 8Q-400s haven't been delivered yet.
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RE: British European's Livery Looks.......

Mon Jul 17, 2000 10:02 pm

I guess, then, that the old black stripe punctuated by red boxes with white BEA lettering is out of the question...

Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Brian Robbins

Since turing back the clock is impossible, given my choice, I would go with the scheme in the first photo. That said, it is nice to hear the familiar ring of "British European," even without the "Airways."
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RE: British European's Livery Looks.......

Tue Jul 18, 2000 1:00 am

I think that British European's livery looks good. Its better than the other.

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