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Crickets All Over GYE Airport

Tue Jan 09, 2007 9:42 am

Yesterday morning I flew UIO-GYE-ATL on Delta (special morning flight because Delta cancelled the flight on Friday night). When we deplaned in GYE, I noticed a slightly unpleasant smell that I recognized as crickets (I used to work at a pet store that sold crickets; they have a distinct smell). Walking down the jetway, I noticed a woman sweeping up dead crickets. As I walked more, I noticed living and dead ones on the ground. After clearing security, I noticed the same thing throughout the terminal building. When I looked outside, dead crickets were all over the ground, crushed by airport trucks. Living ones were swarming the jetways on the outside. I've never seen anything like this at an aiport! Is that normal for GYE or is it a new problem? Does it only happen at certain times of the year?