Mobile Alert (Local Weather Info)

Mon Jul 17, 2000 6:36 pm

For all those aviation buffs out there who are like me and wish they could have the latest METAR or ATIS of their local airport sent to their mobile phone as a SMS message then your one step closer to having the chance of actually being sent the info you want. I found a site called QUIOS and it is similar to the Australian company Blue Sky Frog

You can choose out of a selection of cities around the world and then choose the following information which will be sent to your mobile phone as an SMS message.

* Dew Point
* Pressure
* Humidity
* Sky Condition
* Temperature
* Visibility
* Wind Direction
* Wind Speed

This has to be the next best thing to receiving the METAR or ATIS for your local airport. I signed up this evening and tomorrow I receive my first SMS so I will inform you whether it is as good as it seems. Hope some people out their find this handy (Not only the people in Sydney but all around the world). By the way it is FREE.

Seeya - Steve. [Sydney, Australia]