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United 744/772 To Europe

Tue Jul 18, 2000 2:51 am

I will be flying a United 744 to LHR from SFO. I will be returning aboard a 772 from CDG to SFO. For those of you who have flown on these particular routes, can you tell me anything about the equipment, entertainment and any other interesting facts? Thanks.
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RE: United 744/772 To Europe

Tue Jul 18, 2000 3:02 am

Can't comment on the 747-400
the 777-200 to Europe and back have PTV's with 8 channels of video plus airshow (4 channels show movies, 4 show sitcoms/news magazines/etc)

also, the 777-200 is arranged in 2x5x2 seating config, see if you can get an advance seat assignment in one of the x2 seating sections (window and aisle)

If you are flying their and back in July, you can see the entertainment selections at,10017,1703,00.html

Enjoy the 777, it's a great a/c!

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RE: United 744/772 To Europe

Tue Jul 18, 2000 3:40 am

I can comment on both of those routes (flight wise) but I can't comment on the service in Economy.

The PTV's actually have 9 channels of video entertainment and one channel of Airshow...

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