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Pax Sue Emirates Kick Them Out For Medicine Rqst

Sun Jan 14, 2007 8:09 am

News from China filed on 11JAN07.

A couple has filed lawsuit against Emirates for kicking them off the plane because the passenger sitting next to them requested for medicine from flight attendants for them.

A local court in Shanghai has accepted the claim and will begin the court trial.

The couple, last name Xu, joined a tour group to Egypt and Dubai, flying Emirates EK303. Around 2300LT (29SEP), inside the plane waiting for take off. Mr. Xu told the passenger sitting next to him claims he didn't feel well. The passenger next to him then asked flight attendants for pills afterward.

However, the flight attendant instead went to the cockpit and reported to the pilot. The pilot demand the passenger to leave the plane, which Mr. Xu claims it's just minor pain but no big deal. He agree to sign agreement that the airline will not be held responsible if something went wrong. The tour group leader negotiated with the flight attendants, but received the answer that pilot demands them to leave.

Emirates flight attendants then threw out ultimatum 30 minutes after, their luggage has been offloaded and if they don't leave the plane, the police will board the plane and take them off the plane.

the passenger who helped the Xu couple regretted afterward, says he probably made it a big deal.

Emirates replied they don't provide the pills Mr.Xu needed, and due to health issues and the flying time, they decided to ask them leave.


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