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Air Force Rotc

Tue Jul 18, 2000 8:50 am

This question goes to anyone who has completed (or is in the process of completing) Air Force ROTC during their college years. I am considering this route to ultimately fly with the airlines (my dream). Can you provide any insight/details into this process and could you give me any tips, advice, etc...? I would really appreciate any comments. Thanks a lot.

RE: Air Force Rotc

Tue Jul 18, 2000 12:49 pm

Go to USAFA instead!, if you can handle it. I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but being a ROTC nazi isn't always the best route. Some people will say go be a ROTC nazi and some say go to USAFA, I personally think USAFA is the ULTIMATE route. It really doesn't matter which you choose, cuz either way you'll have to spend 10 years of service flying. The ups of going to USAFA are:
being around airplanes
being around military brass
getting a good and FREE education
when airline look at your app, they'll say"wow, he went to USAFA"

the bads:
military bearing for 4 years and the extra 10
getting yelled at
STRESS, a lot of it
strict schedules
beast(basic training)
tough to get in

But don't always think the military way is the best, because you can lose PQ(pilot qualifications) pretty easily. Good luck!