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UK Firm Proposes Luqa(Malta)-Mgarr(Gozo) Seaplane

Tue Jan 16, 2007 7:44 pm

Here's the article from

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UK firm proposes float-plane service to Gozo
by Paul Cachia, di-ve news (

XEWKIJA, Malta (di-ve news)--January 12, 2007 -- 1230CET-- A UK-based Aviation company has formally presented a detailed proposal to government to service the Malta-Gozo route with a float plane.

With government being cautious in committing itself over the issue of extending the current helicopter landing pad into an airstrip to cater for fixed-wing aircrafts, a float plane could be a solution.

The discussions of a fixed-wing air link triggered after the pull-out of Spanish helicopter operators Helisureste, which ceased their operations in November after only six months.

A float plane is designed to take off and land both on conventional runways and water.

However, these seaplanes can only take off and land on water with little or no wave action and it can have trouble in extreme weather. An ad-hoc committee set up by government was asked to identify a secluded bay to be used for the landing of the aircraft.

It seems that the busy Mgarr harbour is the only port with these characteristics.

Sources told that at this point, the ministry fro Gozo and the ministry for transport are considering all options.
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RE: UK Firm Proposes Luqa(Malta)-Mgarr(Gozo) Seaplane

Tue Jan 16, 2007 7:48 pm

Quoting BBADXB (Thread starter):
no wave action

Isn't it the other way round?? mirror flat sea (no wave action) actually even hampers the plane from lifting off. As there's no air curling between the fuselage and the water it's like the water sucking on the plane and not releasing it from the water surface.

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