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Cabin Crew Number Of Working Days

Tue Jan 16, 2007 11:54 pm

I realise that the working pattern for cabin crew, particularly long haul is completely different to that experienced by most of the population, consisting of a duty day (or days), with a rest period at the far end of a round trip, followed by a period of rest at home base between trips.

But in round terms how many duty days would there be each year ?

My reason for asking is that I read today that BA's sickness policy had reduced sick days from an average of 22 per year to 12.

22 (or even 12) would be considered very high in most jobs where people work about 230 days a year. Bearing in mind that its not really possible to be off work sick on a rest day, hows this compare ?

If cabin crew duty days are near to 230 its not good but possibly justifiable due to the need to be not sneezing over passengers etc; but if the duty days are considerably less its far worse.
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RE: Cabin Crew Number Of Working Days

Wed Jan 17, 2007 4:00 am

A lot of airlines have 10 days off a month for crew. Times this by 12 and then take off say, 30 days or 35 days for leave / Holiday etc, this then leaves around 210 days where they could be working.

There would then be days for training and other things like that so a realistic figure would be around 200 but this depends on different Airlines so go for something inbetween 200 and 230.

Don;t forget that with regards to sickness a cold on the ground is much worse in the Air, so where a office worker could go to work with blocked ears, air crew can't. So crew are likely to have a few more sick days than the average.