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Small Plane Crash In N.J.

Thu Jan 18, 2007 1:26 pm

On Jan 15,07 a a single engine plane crashed in a neighborhood in N.J. just missing a house the only fatality was the the pilot.

The link to story along with audio tapes of 911 calls:
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RE: Small Plane Crash In N.J.

Thu Jan 18, 2007 1:56 pm

Very interesting to hear the 911 calls. I worked for several years as a reporter for a local paper not too far from where this crash happened. Part and parcel with the job were regular shifts on nights and weekends on the "shift" mostly covering night meetings that reporters couldn't get to or events like rallys and parades on the weekends.

A big part of the "shift" was listening to the police scanner. What you heard was often raw drama. A 911 dispatcher would get a call like the ones regarding this crash. Most often, in the first quarter hour, it was utter confusion when the incident involved anything more complex than a simple car crash.

That statement is not to disparage any of the 911 dispatchers, and I knew a few of them personally. But you can hear the vagueness in the descriptions people gave in this case. People are generallly not equipped to describe the precise location of an accident. I know because I set out to find the sites of two light plane crashes based on emergency radio dispatches as a reporter. I also had the misfortune of having to call 911 for a shooting in my neighborhood. The details in such an event are never clear.

For example, a plane crashes into the house behind your own. Do you know the street number, let alone the street name? A plane goes down on a farm. You see it from a mile away. Can you describe the location adequately to get rescue workers there quickly?

Just some observations on a news report that sparked some memories.
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