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Racing To Simult Landings At SJC

Sat Jan 20, 2007 4:17 am

You've all seen the pics of side-by-side visual approaches to SFO's runways 28, and you've noticed we don't see pics like that from other airports with close parallel runways, since usually one of the two runways is hosting takeoffs. But on 8 January I happened to see a Southwest 737 and an Eagle ERJ approaching San Jose's runways 30 side by side (actually the ERJ passed the 737 a mile from the runway). Centerline separation there is 700 ft.

SWA 1307 from BUR and EGF 125 from LAX were both flightplanned on the usual ROBIE arrival-- Southwest via Gorman and Eagle via San Marcus. (Neither of them followed the arrival anyway-- they may have both been cleared direct to GILRO.) You'd expect Center to sequence them, and you'd think they'd stay sequenced-- but the ERJ gained about 10 miles on the 737 in the last 16-17 minutes of their flights, according to the flight track at http://www.flightaware.com . It shows them at the same position at 1704 PST, four miles from the runway.

Weather was clear of course, but I wonder if Eagle was getting special handling-- seems unusual for them to be allowed to creep past Southwest like that.
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RE: Racing To Simult Landings At SJC

Sat Jan 20, 2007 4:25 am

if the weather was clear, i don't think that is too odd. i have been flying out of KPAO about 12 miles north of SJC, and that airspace is busy. if there is no heavy wind, then i don't see any problem with a plane landing a little hot...  hot  ......  wink