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Wed Jul 19, 2000 5:45 am

can anyone please tell me where can i find if there r still seats on fare B for NH or W on LH.

Which one would you chose for service on a flight from FRA-NRT-NGO? price is the same.

Thank you
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Wed Jul 19, 2000 6:26 am

I've just flown NH from LHR to KIX rtn (trip report soon) and found them to be a great airline, middle cabin had 34 inch pitch, seats comfy, crew good attitude and attentive (friendly, professional, nothing too much trouble). Food good and portions unusually large. Basic in facilities (ie. no PTV's, Winglet seats, amenity packs) but spacious cabin, good food, good crew (always about even at night), essentially they've stuck to the basics which they do very well. From my experience of LH although they too are good, Nh still beats them hands down. Having said that some of the crews English Skills are, well being polite basic, and without wishing to seem rude, for anyone without good English Skills that could be troublesome (as it was for some others on board)