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Easyjet's Transfer On Earlier Flight For Free Poli

Tue Jan 23, 2007 3:10 am

Has someone some experience how Easyjet's "transfer on earlier flight for free policy" works in practice ?

There was much ado about it a while back in the press and usually it was along the lines that you can transfer on an earlier flight for free if you arrive 30 minutes before its departure and if there are seats available. I have now checked the small print in Easyjet's T&C and it says that the offer only applies for the return flight back to your destination of departure if you have booked the return flight on the same day (funny policy for an airline that is strictly a one-way ticket airline).

Question: How strictly is this rule applied if you want to transfer to an earlier flight making a connection ? Say I arrive at a London airport from the continent on an Easyjet flight and have booked another flight with them to GLA/EDI/BFS later in the day. Will Easyjet allow me to take the next free seat or will they enforce the rule "your must be returning to your original point of departure". I am asking because the T&C say that "easyjet may refuse the free transfer if these conditions are not met", so it looks as if there is some discretion on a case-by-case basis.