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(Louis Freeh) Speaks Out On Egypt Air Crash!

Wed Jul 19, 2000 10:37 am

Overheard: FBI Director On Egypt Air

Recently FBI Director Louis Freeh was overheard complaining about the
Egyptian government's reaction to the November 1999 crash of an EgyptAir
jet an hour out from New York's JFK.

Freeh was miffed that the Egyptian government has been spending large
sums here in the U.S. to investigate the crash.

Apparently the Egyptians are out to prove that disaster was not caused
by a fanatical Muslim pilot - the official story offered by the FBI.

The FBI director thinks the Egyptians could better use their money now
to pay off the claims of surviving families.

The Egyptians believe the pilot was stable, but Freeh also told one
congressman that the suicide pilot was "sexually deviant."
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RE: (Louis Freeh) Speaks Out On Egypt Air Crash!

Wed Jul 19, 2000 12:44 pm

While I believe that the crash was a deliberate act.......I am curious what the source for your post is.

This Is So Stupid!

Wed Jul 19, 2000 9:18 pm

I think they should blame faulty repairs as the cause of the Egypt Air Flight 990 crash, because faulty repairs are done on Egypt Air planes. I don't think people should be sueing or the government giving the families of the vistims money from the lawsuit, because they chose to use an unsafe airline.    
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RE: (Louis Freeh) Speaks Out On Egypt Air Crash!

Wed Jul 19, 2000 9:46 pm

I heard awhile back on the news (about a month or so after it happend) that the Egyption gov. was pissed cause we said it was intentional. As far as I am concerned it was intentional and it is total b/s that they cant believe someone would do something like that. I know their is a remote possibility that something like a reverser deployed, but why all this evidence saying the co-pilot was pushing the controls forward and the pilot was fighting by pulling up. Why cant they just take it in the balls and realize that the co-pilot really fuc*ed up. Im not trying to be mean or anything, its a sad thing but when people say your wrong when you have come up with a logical answer, and have proof then thats just plain old arrogance.

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