Supersonic Flight, the Concorde

Fri Feb 26, 1999 6:43 am

Can anyone help a girl with a history report and give me info on the evolution of supersonic flight or some stats on the concorde? Please? Please email them to "" Thanks for any help you can give, and thanks even if you can't. ;-) -Daala

RE: Supersonic Flight, the Concorde

Fri Feb 26, 1999 8:10 am

Well a bit about concorde.
It stretches 1 foot during flight and can fly up to 60,000 feet. They could hold 125 but only have 100 so they can call it all first class. The cockpit has no EFIS and the nose goes down 60 degrees on take off and landing so they can see were they are going. About 12 major airlines ordered this plane but only 2 got them as the other 10 got out as of the oid crisis and would have made the plane cost to much.
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RE: Supersonic Flight, the Concorde

Fri Feb 26, 1999 9:00 am

For all sorts of statistics and facts, go to the website for British Airways (it even gives you the tire pressure).

There are also lots of books out about the Concorde. Check your local library or One good one that I've read is "Flying Concorde" by Brian Calvert. However, there are many good books out there about the plane.

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