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NY-NJ Port Authority To Buy Stewart Airport (SWF)

Sat Jan 27, 2007 5:29 am

As was mentioned in a series of threads here, the NY/NJ Port Authority has agreed to puchase Stewart Airport, and hopes to use it to relieve congestion on the other for airports it now operates (JFK, LaGuardia, Newark and Teteboro). Here are some quotes from report in todays Middletown Herald Record;

Port Authority approves Stewart Airport buyout
Times Herald-Record
January 26, 2007
New York — The Port Authority voted yesterday to purchase the operating lease for Stewart International Airport and transform it into an integral part of the metropolitan region's airport system.

"We can turn that sleepy, underutilized facility into a dynamic transportation hub that will, along with our other investments in our regional airport system, allow us to meet the incredible growth in demand for air travel," said Anthony Shorris shortly after the Spitzer appointee was formally hired as the Port Authority's executive director.

The Port Authority will pay the National Express Group $78.5 million for the remaining 93 years of its 99-year lease with the state Department of Transportation. The British transportation company, which wants out of the airport business, paid $35 million for the lease but has invested that much and more in the 2,200-acre property.

"The Port Authority has tremendous experience operating airports, and I think the Hudson Valley as a whole will benefit greatly from this new partnership," said Tanya Vanasse, a Stewart spokeswoman. "We're looking forward to working with them.".....

..."No one should expect immediate radical changes," said Marc La Vorgna, a Port Authority spokesman. "Airport development is a very lengthy process and has to occur incrementally over many years with careful management and timely investments in infrastructure."

"We expect to develop Stewart into a reliever airport for our other airports," said La Vorgna, pointing out that the Big Three served a record 103 million passengers last year. "We expect a substantial increase in the number of annual passengers but that will happen over a period of many years. It will not be the next La Guardia though, or even close."

The full report can be read at this link;

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