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Finaly....Trip Report MCO-LAX-PSP-PHX-STL-MCO

Thu Jul 20, 2000 8:47 am

leg #1
The flight left MCO 30 mins late. But it arrived on time..hmm
The ride was OK I was in the last row in the window seated next to two large but nice ladies. Flight time was about 4 hr. and 50 mins. We landed on 24L and then as if we where not late enough we had to wait for a CO flight to get out of our gate for about 10 mins. At first I thought I had missed my connection but...
LAX-PSP UAL EXP. 737-300
the flight was spouses to leave at 630 (the same time I got in) But left at 730 and I had a nice long walk from terminal 6 to terminal 8. Anyway while sitting at the gate we were told to board then the gate agent said no never mind, she did this 3 times intill finally she said get on the plane, IM serious this time. We got on and finally we were gone! The flight was short with no service.
I was to tired to relay remember what happened. But the flight was perfect nothing wrong happend.It was very pleasant and I slept the whole 40 mins.
I travel standby on TWA so we woke up at 4 in the morning for the 7 am flight which was full. Then we missed the second flight. Finally we made the third flight of the day out of there. We got to sit first class and I was seated to a man who was a complete snob and wouldn't let me sleep. The 757 was brand new and there was nothing wrong, nice comfy seat and OK service.
When we got to STL I went to the cpk (calli pizza kitchen) I saw the new SW terminal and it was nice. Also while sitting there eating I saw a TWA 767-300 I think it was the CDG flight. Then I jogged back to my gate and…
This flight was good it left 2 mins early. I was in first class, but the only problem was I was surrounded by kids kicking my seat and screaming (I had the isle seat) and the kids where doing laps down the plane. The one bad thing about TWA that I have noticed was the service was out of order. Just the little things, like the order that the carts go there was no 2nd drink service unless you asked for it, and again I was in first class so it should have been in order. But besides that the crew was all very nice and everyone was perfect
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RE: Finaly....Trip Report MCO-LAX-PSP-PHX-STL-MCO

Thu Jul 20, 2000 9:58 am

What was the snob on the TWA doing/sayin? was he talking to you?

RE: Finaly....Trip Report MCO-LAX-PSP-PHX-STL-MCO

Thu Jul 20, 2000 12:59 pm

How did you like STL? I live there and would like to know peoples opinions on Lambert.

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Snobs And STL

Thu Jul 20, 2000 3:49 pm

The snob was just basicy sayin i should quit my job as a life guard and go something that gives me more money. He was also sayin that he didnt like the service and they shouldnt allow gay f/a's onboard (please lets not turn this into a gay vs. stright post)
STL was very very crowded, I was surpized to see that many people in STL I mean it was like standing room only. But besides that i loved it you can see the runway from everywere and on the overall I liked STL, Mainly casue its where my airline lives! Lots of places to eat and chill. The kind of airport you can listen to your cd player pop in korn and watch the birdies.
I also neglected to say I went to the ambaseder (SP) club. It was ok not as well as the one in JFK but the view was better.