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Hi. I'm planning a 6-day trip to Uzbekistan in July, 2002. I am having problems making the itinerary. I'd like to fly from Samarkand to Boston. Where would I have to change flights in and what airline(s) could I fly?      
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this might help you

Uzbekistan Airways, carriers from all over the world, fly’s to and from Tashkent, which has links to Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Athens, Istanbul, Karachi, Delhi, Peking, New York, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Jeddah, Bahrain, Bangkok, Tel Aviv. Uzbekistan Airways is the first in Central Asia to open direct transoceanic service between Tashkent and New York.

Uzbekistan Airways fleet of Boeing-767, A-310’s, RJ-85’s offers passengers high standard of comfort and safety, coupled with excellent in-flight service

Uzbekistan Airways has his crews trained by Lufthansa in Frankfurt, where also maintenance was done.
From 1999 Airbus has certified Uzbekistan Airways to do his own maintenance.

The international airport "Tashkent" linking Europe and Asia can handle the largest aircraft.The new Tower at the airport of the Airtrafficcontrol has the most modern equipment to guide all air traffic in the airspace of Uzbekistan.

i would recomend flying Uzbekistan Airways to london and then connecting from there to boston. But if you are brave you could fly to new york and then connect to boston from jfk. either way sounds fun  

Aircrafts for international routes.

Number of seats - 207
First Class - 10
Business Class - 40
Economy (tourist) - 157
Cruising speed - 850 km/hr
Cruising range - 9000 km

Number of seats - 192
First Class - 12
Business Class - 30
Economy (tourist) - 152
Cruising speed - 850 km/hr
Cruising range - 7000 km

Number of seats - 184
Business Class - 26
Economy (tourist) - 158
Cruising speed - 850 km
Cruising range - 6800 km

Aircraft for domestic routes.

Number of seats - 85
Business Class - 85
Cruising speed - 730 km/hr
Cruising range - 2500 km

Cargo aircrafts.

IL-76 TD
Payload up to 45 tons / 165 M3
Cruising speed - 800 km/hr
Cruising range - 8000 km depends of payload

This aircraft is known as the "air lorry" because of its large freight capacity of up to 45 tons. It copes well with all kinds of taking off and landing conditions and is equipped with mechanised loading facilities. These characteristics make the IL-76TD a popular aircraft world-wide.
Uzbekistan Airways uses this aircraft for charter flights and successfully operates chartercargo flights to countries in Africa, South America, Europe and Central and Southeast Asia and It also operates to the CIS countries, carrying fruits and vegetables from Uzbekistan to areas of Siberia and the Far East.
Uzbekistan Airways operates scheduled cargo flights from Tashkent to Ostend Belgium, Istanbul Turkey, China, United Arab Emirates and to destination in the CIS countries.

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i hope i helped you  

go to www. for more info, there is a downloadable film on the site that has some great shots!
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under our wings, the whole world

i forgot to mention that they flew from samarkand  

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