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Aeroflot Fashion Show

Fri Feb 02, 2007 1:56 am

I think it's worth a mention.


Aeroflot has taken the battle for customers' hearts to another front: uniforms. Late last year, the company held a fashion show to celebrate completing the two-year introduction of a new get-up. Aeroflot asked a prominent designer, Viktoria Andreyanova, to create outfits for its cabin crew, as well as pilots and ground staff...

In the winter, ... flight attendants can don a dress with a plait of hair printed down the side, a pashmina-style sky-blue scarf, and a luxurious hat ringed with fur, a style... favored by 19th-century wives of boyars. There's also a flowing jacket, cinched neatly at the waist.

There are fewer quirks in the men's selection. Captains and male flight attendants also have a blue scarf, as well as a matching tie....

Uniforms for staff working on the airport tarmac seem fit for urban teenagers: reflective metallics everywhere, visors for summer, polo shirts and -- less cool -- dungarees and elasticized pants.

From what I understand there was also a limited edition calendar issued by Aeroflot to its VIP clients illustrating the new fashions. Anyone has a copy?

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