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CRJ Altitude

Thu Jul 20, 2000 3:12 pm

I'm the one who asked about the Canadair Regional jet a couple weeks ago. I can't find this on their website, but at what alititude do they usually cruise?
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RE: CRJ Altitude

Thu Jul 20, 2000 9:22 pm

When I was on one about a year and a half ago, I think we cruised at either 30,000' or 33,000'. It wan't any lower than 30,000' though.
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RE: CRJ Altitude

Thu Jul 20, 2000 10:01 pm

When I flew the Kendell CRJ, we fly at FL290 (29,000ft) from MEL-LST (its only ~450km).

However, the CRJ is capable of FL410, IIRC.


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RE: CRJ Altitude

Fri Jul 21, 2000 1:02 am

The best answer is - it depends...

Typically, the plane cruises at 290/310/330.. longer flights westbound will be at 350 and rarely eastbound at 370.

Yes, the plane can cruise at 410, but that's only if there is a VERY light payload, and the trip is at least 500 miles or so.

The season makes a difference too.. the plane normally cruises at M77 or M80, but it's tough to do that at higher altitudes in the summer.
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RE: CRJ Altitude

Fri Jul 21, 2000 9:18 am

The last time I was on a CRJ was CVG-LEX - and we cruised at 9,000 for the 11 minute flight