Nice Pilots

Thu Jul 20, 2000 7:19 pm

I recommend that you go to the front of the plane and ask if you can see the cockpit. I saw a 767 cockpit AND they let me sit in the observers seat for landing. I was a great experience.
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RE: Nice Pilots

Thu Jul 20, 2000 9:23 pm

I love hearing about experiences like that; restores my faith in humanity. Most people either can't be bothered or are so terrified of the liability issues that they just won't mess with it anymore. You lucked out - with your good natured flight crew and the terrific memories they gave you!  
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RE: Nice Pilots

Fri Jul 21, 2000 12:14 am

If you did it in the US it is against the law. FAA regulates only flight crew or Authorized personel in cockpit During landing and Takeoff. The also frown upon people in the cockpit during flight also.

RE: Nice Pilots

Fri Jul 21, 2000 12:33 am

it was in the uk.

RE: Nice Pilots

Fri Jul 21, 2000 3:21 am

Legally speaking once you are 12 miles off shore you are over international water and you can go into the cockpit.I'm flying to london next week with BA. I wrote to BA and they told me to just ask the F/a if i could visit the flight deck and stay there during landing and they said she would most likley ask the caption and He would decide.

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RE: Nice Pilots

Fri Jul 21, 2000 4:59 am

Actually, I believe that the FAA states that non flight crew may not be in the cockpit when the aircraft is in motion - on US registered aircraft


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