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Plane Crashes In Southern MA, 3 Dead. Near KEWB

Sun Feb 04, 2007 10:08 am


it was a TBM700...

The airport tower notified the fire department around 7:45 that the plane fell off radar.

The plane is said to have missed its first attempt to make and instrument-only landing at New Bedford Regional Airport. FAA spokesman Jim Peters said the plan crashed when it made a second attempt for the runway.

According to Karolyn, the plane's problems were due to insufficient runway lighting. "The plane could not find the runway on its heading because there were no lights," he said.

But Peters said the runway was safe. He said the additional lights in the center of the runway and about 40 feet off both edges have been off since August because they were blocked by thick vegetation. The lights that were turned off are apparently used by pilots who are performing instrument only landings.

I know EWB and there are quite a few flights, including Cape Air. they have an ILS, so im not conviced the lights were the entirety of the problem...scary thing is i went back and watched radar coverage during that time period and saw the plane just disappear of the screen...freaky

rip victims


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