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New Aircraft Orders For 2007

Mon Feb 05, 2007 6:44 am

2007 looks like it will be a big year for new aircraft orders. Many airlines will start looking for 767 replacements, and some will be looking for 747 replacements.

Delta and American operate large 767 fleets. While it has been rumored that AA is considering the A350, I just don't see it happening. The largest 767 operator, Delta, could end up being one of the largest customers for the 787. I expect the initial order to be for the 787-8, with maybe a 787-9 order later on. American, in addition to a large 767 fleet, also operates the A300, and will soon need a replacement. Since Delta is expected to exit bankruptcy around April or May, I may expect a 787 order in the summer or fall. I personally think a 787 order from Delta will come before an order from AA. Delta's 787s will probably use GE engines, while AA's will likely use RR.

United operates 747-400s and 767s that will soon be reaching replacement age. For the 767 replacement, I more than likely think that they will order the 787 some time in the summer, even though they operate an Airbus narrowbody fleet. The 747 replacement is less clear. Some have stated that United will order the 747-8, while others have stated that they will likely order 777-300ERs instead while increasing frequency. I am not sure on whether this order will come this year or not.

This year, we should also be prepared for either a 747-8 or A380 order from British Airways (747-400 replacement), and either a 787 or A350 order from Lufthansa (A300 replacement).

Does anyone know of other potential orders for this year?
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