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Innocent People At LAS To Be On Terror Watch List?

Thu Feb 08, 2007 12:16 am

I kind of take this article with a grain of salt, given the cited sources. Or rather, the lack of them. I also find it hard to believe that Air Marshalls would be granting interview like this.

But given the knee-jerk reactionary paranoid state of the country these days, I wouldn't totally bet against it having some truth.
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RE: Innocent People At LAS To Be On Terror Watch List?

Thu Feb 08, 2007 2:12 am

This reporter was the one looking to make a quota. This same story material was linked last summer but there was no actual evidence that this was going on in that story either, just assertions.

People have to remember, that no matter how paranoid the government is, there are also PLENTY of paranoid people, many of them who work for newspapers, who are absolutely convinced that the police/government is evil and out to get innocent people. These kind of stories come from that kind of paranoia. And the stories and legends gain traction among other people, like you  Wink , who want to believe it's true. Sure there's no evidence, but the accusations are wild enough, so it must be true...

Just to be clear. Sky Marshals are not detectives or investigators and it is not their job to act as such, placing new people on watch lists and the like. They can report suspicious behavior, but it is someone else who investigates, and there is no 100% link between being reported/questioned and going on "the list."
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