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DL Mileage Run Question

Fri Feb 09, 2007 5:27 am

I am flying from PHX to MKE in July, but I want to make a mileage run out of it, I want to boost up my NW worldperks miles and found a decent price that would route PHX-SLC-ATL-MKE and on the way back MKE-ATL-LAX, and LAX-PHX on WN. The flight from SLC-ATL is sched. to be a 764 (fl# 966) but I am afraid that DL will put a 757 on this run. I should have flown on three 763s out of PHX to ATL and one from SLC to ANC but they were all downgraded. And the same goes for flight 189 ATL-LAX, sched. to be a 777, but they are streched to the max right now and the whole reason to connect at LAX on the way back is to try DL's 777, so what are the chances they put a 767 on that route? And if you have any different suggestions on alt. routes please tell me. Leaving July 12th, and returning July 20th.