CO 733 Almost No Nose Gear!

Fri Jul 21, 2000 1:25 pm

Hello. Tonight at COS at approximately 2215MDT a CO 733 landed safely on 17L after circling over KETLE intersection after declaring a missed approach to 17L after the nose gear wouldn't extend. Continental flight 423 was inbound from IAH when at 2150MDT was cleared to land on 17L, but the nose gear wouldn't extend, so they declared a missed approach and recieved vectors to circle over KETLE. After 15 minutes of holding, the CO 733 finally got the nose gear extended and at 2215MDT landed safely on 17L. Emergency vehicles were standing by, but the Captain delined the crew to look over the nose gear on the taxiway. First time I ever heard something like this at COS or anywhere for that matter. Anyone else have any stories about no or partial gear landings?