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Air Canada and the B717.

Sat Feb 27, 1999 6:35 am

I for one think that the 717 and Air Canada would go great together. The 717 is ideal for the routes that Air Canada's current DC-9s now fly. What does everyone thing? AirCanadaA320 what do you think of having the 717 in your fleet?
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RE: CX747

Sat Feb 27, 1999 7:08 am

Its true that the 717 would be a good aircraft for Air canda for its little range, but I think they will go with the A318 due to the fact they operate a huge Airbus fleet, which will give them commonality as well as save them a little bit of money in spares, and pilot training.

I dont think, Northwest, and Alitalia will order the 717 neither, because of their huge Airbus single isle fleet. To keep costs down, they will order the A318 to make it easier and cheaper for the airline to operate their fleet.

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Sat Feb 27, 1999 7:23 am

One thing I don't think is getting mixed in with the equasion is the fact that there are allready two of the 717 flying and certification of the type is pretty close. The A318 may be a good airplane but I don't think they even have the plane off the "drawing board" yet. I know they haven't cut any metal. It usually takes three or four years to get a design off the ground to certified standards.
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RE: Air Canada and the B717.

Sat Feb 27, 1999 8:11 am

I have read that Air Canada is "interested" in the MD-95 (71*) as opposed to the A318.

RE: Air Canada and the B717.

Sat Feb 27, 1999 2:27 pm

Well even though i do NOT work for aircanada [ i just like them a lot] I think it would be a good idea for the 717 on short route and the A318 on longer routes.
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717 and A318 together?

Sat Feb 27, 1999 4:10 pm

Canada, with its expansive geography and small, distant cities, would be what I would think to be a perfect environment for the A318. It's small, but fit for long haul routes. It would be odd if Air Canada went with the 717, especially since they have so many Airbusses already. They might take the "TWA Approach" and order a few of both for the different kinds of routes. If they went all-717 it would certainly be ablow to Airbus.