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Reno Air MD-90s?

Sat Feb 27, 1999 8:57 am

What will happen to Reno Air's MD-90s?

RE: Reno Air MD-90s?

Sat Feb 27, 1999 9:14 am

I think they will get the AA livery and become a part of AA.
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RE: Reno Air MD-90s?

Sat Feb 27, 1999 9:31 am

According to a Reno Air captain, the MD90 has a more favorable noise footprint than the 737 NGs that AA is getting. There is some speculation that AA will keep the existing Reno a/c and possibly add to the fleet, allowing some high-capacity ops into California airports that wouldn't allow the 737 to operate.
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RE: Reno Air MD-90s = AMR?

Sat Feb 27, 1999 4:24 pm

From what I hear AMR is looking into buying
the MD90's from the leasing company
that is leasing them to RenoAIr which now
no longer exsist on paper. So CV990 information
could be right! We will find out!