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CO Interline Agreement With HP And UA

Mon Feb 19, 2007 6:28 am

Hi Im currently booked on a CO flight on March 1, 2007 HNL-LAX connecting to HP LAX-LAS. Does CO have an interline agreement with HP to transfer the bags to HP in LAX or will i have to claim bags, then recheck in with HP. Connection time in LAX is about 1hour and 30 min. Same goes with UA, on the return im flying UA LAS-LAX then onto CO LAX-HNL. Will UA transfer bags to CO for the return flight home? By the way all segments are booked on the same itineary, through Expedia.

Many thanks

I tired to look on each others website, but found no luck and i have no paitnece to call those 1800 numbers.
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RE: CO Interline Agreement With HP And UA

Mon Feb 19, 2007 6:47 am

You should have no problem......bags can be checked through as all subject carriers have interline agreements. When you transfer at LAX (in both cases), you will check in for your second flight (unless you do it online) and the agent will put your baggage tag numbers into your file with that carrier. Have a good trip.

(Sometimes legacy carriers can make your life easier.....  Smile )
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RE: CO Interline Agreement With HP And UA

Mon Feb 19, 2007 7:12 am

Quoting Dutchjet (Reply 1):
You should have no problem......

...depending on timely arrivals of your inbound connecting flights and the attitudes the baggage handlers of the respective airlines bring to work on the day of your flights.

Quoting Dutchjet (Reply 1):
Sometimes legacy carriers can make your life easier..... theory, at least. More and more, the customer service aspects of the U.S. legacies are being entrusted either to indifferent third party contractors whose overriding concern is doing not one iota more than they must to avoid losing their contracts and poorly-paid airline employees who increasingly have no compelling motivation to do one iota more than they must to avoid being fired -- and sometimes even the prospect of losing their job is of little or no concern. And, in either scenario, understaffing is the norm rather than the exception, which further invites the possibility of misconnection.

While chances are much better than not that your interline checked luggage will be handled properly, in the unlikely event it does not arrive on the same flights with you, be prepared to discover just how much easier (not!!!) legacy carriers can make your life when they put you in the middle of their typical pass-the-buck blame games they typically play when more than one airline is involved.

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RE: CO Interline Agreement With HP And UA

Mon Feb 19, 2007 7:18 am

CO is Terminal 6, HP/US at Terminal 1 and UA at Terminal 6, 7 and 8 at LAX.

I find it easier to walk between the terminals and get fresh air (Term 6 to Term 1). You'll be fine with bags connecting and yourself.

Hope this helps, too.
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