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Question Regarding 1st. Generation Boeing 707

Wed Feb 21, 2007 9:56 am

If it's been covered before forgive me for I have transgressed. After watching a priceless 1958 film short provided by another A-Netter (thread included) I noticed, the Pan Am Bird's overhead seat pods looked different from:
. In the Pan Am film, when they described:
Each passenger can control his own level of comfort; wide range of lighting, air conditioning...etc the pod featured a blacked out center which was indented which held the individual air vents and reading lights. I'm more familiar with the setup in this picture. The 720, early 727 and 737-100 and 200 had the same thing. Was the blacked out version an original design or requested specifically by Pan Am? And, were there any differences other than the black out panel?
Of course all Boeing Birds cabin's were updated around 1971-1972 to look more like the more contemporary 747s.

Check out this nifty 50s cinematic tour de farce!

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