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More Change At GF Soon - Maybe?

Wed Feb 21, 2007 11:02 pm

When will Oman pull out of GF ???

"The Omani government is planning to increase its holding in Oman Air from 33.4% to more than 80% through an injection that would lift the airline's capital to OMR50 million ($129.5 million) from OMR13.3 million. The recap would support plans to buy widebodied aircraft as it looks to launch several long-haul routes . Aviation Services CEO Ziad Karim Al Haremi said the government is interested in promoting and investing in tourism, but that the airline's long-haul expansion will cause it to "endure financial losses at least for the upcoming five years."

Leaving GF as a Bahrain based airline, good or bad news ???
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RE: More Change At GF Soon - Maybe?

Thu Feb 22, 2007 1:43 am

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This topic is already being discussed here: Oman Increases Share In Oman Air To 80% (by GFA330 Feb 21 2007 in Civil Aviation)

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