Which Will Go First?

Mon Jul 24, 2000 3:57 am

Both TWA and US Airways have terrible business management, unsatisfactory service, and both have been unsuccessful recently in the growing airline industry. The economy is excellent now, but they're not taking advantage and both are in major financial trouble. TWA is on the brink of bankruptcy, and if the UAL purchase of US Airways doesn't go through USAir could face some tough times of their own. Within the next two to three years, I can see both TWA and USAirways fade into history. Do you agree? Who do you think will be the first to pull out? I think TWA will because all of the other major carriers are waiting anxiously to get a hold of the aircraft as soon as they become available, and at least US Airways has some life left in them.
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RE: Which Will Go First?

Mon Jul 24, 2000 4:21 am

I don't think that US Airways will "fade into history." I think that they have been doing better recently, and certainly better than TWA.
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RE: Which Will Go First?

Mon Jul 24, 2000 1:30 pm

I don't think anyone can accurately predict the fate of these carriers. If you can, you're a better person than me.
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RE: Which Will Go First?

Mon Jul 24, 2000 3:01 pm

There is also a third carrier that is having finacial trouble and that is Northwest, dose anybody think that American Airlines will get the buyout of Northwest. By looking at the stats right now it is a neck and neck run for both, they might go out at the same time.