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Old 737's

Mon Jul 24, 2000 9:43 pm

I have read a lot about how aircraft with two engines need "extra power" on take off so that they can climb out in the event of an engine failure. If this is true, why do the old 737's with the cigar shaped engines ascend like they're packed down with a truck load of Oprahs? It just doesn't make any sense?


RE: Old 737's

Mon Jul 24, 2000 11:33 pm

Well I think that is due to the engines and the power of them, the 737-100 and the -200 are power by Pratt&Whitney JT8D engines, I think they are the -17 versions but I am not sure, I think that the aircraft is a little bit underpowered due to the versions of the JT8D- they have something like 7200KP per engine, while the 737-300 with the CFM-56 has 9500KP per engine, and the MD87 with the JT8D-219 has 10500KP per engine.

I hope this is the answer you wanted.

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RE: Old 737's

Tue Jul 25, 2000 12:27 am

they may climb like "a truck load of Oprahs" but they sound like a truckload of Kathy Lee's!
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RE: Old 737's

Tue Jul 25, 2000 1:10 am

Most "two hundreds" are powered by JT8D "dash" 9's and 15's. I've seen some dash 7's on 737-100's even. They're good engines but are loud due to the fact they're low bypass turbofans. My memory might be hazy but as I recall a -7 has 14000 lb of thrust, -9 is 14,500 and -15 has 15,500. ( sorry, no metric spoken here! ) A 737-200 with dash 15's moves right on out.

RE: Old 737's

Tue Jul 25, 2000 8:25 pm

I have flown on 200 models with Delta, US Airways, and the former Piedmont, and these planes tookoff like a rocket. In fact, I prefer the 737-200 over the 727-200 when it comes to takeoffs, the 727 I think climbs like "a truck load of Oprahs".

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