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When,how And Where AA Used The Bac146?

Mon Jul 24, 2000 11:29 pm

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Photo © Richard Silagi

Looking for some fotos after a topic related to a possible acquisition of some RJ's directly to AA, I saw this wonderful pics displaying an ex Air Cal Bac146 in FULL AA colors. Now I ask:

When and why did all happened?
How long and where to did they use it?
How was the satisfaction on that particular aircraft?

Thank you.

Savo, Salerno, ITALIA

RE: When,how And Where AA Used The Bac146?

Tue Jul 25, 2000 12:07 am

AA acquired Air Cal 146s when it merged in 1988 timeframe and the aircraft were in service for only a VERY short term 6--9 months. These aircraft were used primarily on intra-state Cali routes. Once the Air Cal infrastructure was quickly absorbed, the 146s ended up in storage.

USAir had a strikingly similar history with the 146 when it merged with PSA at roughly the same time.

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RE: When,how And Where AA Used The Bac146?

Tue Jul 25, 2000 12:17 am

Neither US nor AA was thrilled with the BAE 146 series. The joke used to be they carried a spare engine as cargo. The operational reliability of the type was poor compared to it's contemporaries and they were quickly parked and mothballed. A few later saw service with Air Wisconsin aka United Express.