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What's Happened To ZB's 752s?

Thu Mar 01, 2007 10:16 pm

recently, the Monarch Airlines website hs been changed,

before the change, their fleet page showed info about their A300s, A320/A321s A332s and 757-2T7s, (neglecting to show info about their recently acquired 763ER)

now the new website is here, it gives info about the fleet including the 763ER, but now they've completely missed out their 757 fleet,

so i was wondering, maybe this is a sign of something? are they retiring their 757 fleet? it would make sense especially since a few of their 757s (namely G-MONB + G-MONC) are getting onto 24 Years of age.

if they are reitiring them, any guesses on a replacement?

i think they might just replace them with more A320/A321s though i'd like to see them acquire some new a/c maybe the 739ER. It'd be nice to see 737s in the monarch fleet again. IMHO, the 739 would work well for ZB since the majority of the fleet would by powered by GE, {A320- GE, A300- GE, 767- GE, 739ER- GE} [A332-RR, A321-IAE]

what does everyone else think?
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RE: What's Happened To ZB's 752s?

Thu Mar 01, 2007 10:27 pm

There was a thread about something similar just a few days ago. There's a bit of information for you in there but no definitive answer.
Are Monarch's 757's On There Way Out? (by Gilesdavies Feb 24 2007 in Civil Aviation)
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RE: What's Happened To ZB's 752s?

Thu Mar 01, 2007 10:29 pm

While they might be old theres not really an aircraft that can directly replace them as many a topic on here has had as its focus. The A321 might seat a similar size in terms of PAX but in terms of range and performance the A321 lacks. I think we will see the B757s flying for a while yet.
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