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US Applying For PHL-China Route

Thu Mar 01, 2007 11:30 pm

In what would be the region's first direct air service to Asia, US Airways plans to announce today that it will seek federal approval to start flying next year nonstop between Philadelphia International Airport and China.


US Airways would need to acquire a new long-range jet to fly between Philadelphia and China because its largest plane, the Airbus A330, does not have the range to go nonstop. Beijing, China's capital, is 6,900 miles by air from Philadelphia.

What would US go for? Since the merger, they've been moving toward an all Airbus fleet. Would they go "Four engines for longhaul" with the A350, perhaps? Or might Boeing win out with US acquiring long range 777s." Is there a 767 variant with legs that long? That might be more suited to the volume likely on a PHL-China route.
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