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BOS Chan. 5 Runs 'Air Rage' Story

Sun Mar 04, 2007 1:25 pm

Boston's ABC affiliate, Channel 5, ran a story during it's March 3rd 11pm show on 'Air Rage.' Spurred by the recent bouts of flight cancellations due to winter weather, the story focused on irate passengers who lose their temper and lash out against airline and airport personnel. They interviewed some psychologists who compared these outbursts to Road Rage. They also interviewed a few ex airline employees who were involved in a few altercations ranging from verbal sexual harassment to actual physical fights (one employee actually had his neck broken by an out of control passenger). Throughout the story they ran footage of people losing it in airports and onboard planes. They showed this one guy who actually kicked over the metal detector at one airport because he was sick of the added security following 9/11.

It's disgusting that it's come down to this, that scientist have actually had to create a term to describe the way passengers act while traveling by air. People need to calm down and realize that flipping out isn't going to get them to their destinations any faster. Nor will it get them an upgrade to first class or a free inflight meal. What the heck are these people thinking?!

Has anyone here ever witnessed a serious incident at an airport or on a flight?

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RE: BOS Chan. 5 Runs 'Air Rage' Story

Sun Mar 04, 2007 1:38 pm

Years ago (way pre-9/11), a man approached the gate (2 minutes after departure, his doing (I listened to the ensuing argument)), he was yelling, screaming, calling the agent every name in the book (again, it was past departure, the jetway off the aircraft) and demanded to be let on. When the man realised he wasn't getting on, he hurled (not tossed, not threw, not dropped) his metal attache case down the terminal. People actually were laughing at his tantrum (mind you, so was I). It was nothing shirt of luck, that in a crowded terminal, no one was hit.

The tool was at fault. He showed up late (his fault) and went about it the wrong way. There was zero excuse for his behavior. Zero.

I can understand to a degree if it the airline's fault for something, but when it is the person's fault and they go off the deep-end, there are far more pressing issues that person needs to deal with other than inappropriate behavior. Counselling would help, for starters.

If anything, I always enjoy the show. Free entertainment. Classic.
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