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Travel Between LGW And BCN

Mon Mar 05, 2007 10:27 am

I am travelling between London- Gatwick airport and Barcelona on Easyjet. I arrive on Zoom Airlines from Toronto and then take easyjet...I have never been to LGW so i it pretty eas to get around, is there anything i should see, observation decks? Also, when I leave LGW t go to BCN will my passport be stamped upon entry in BCN since I am coming from a non EU?? I sure hope so  Smile
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RE: Travel Between LGW And BCN

Mon Mar 05, 2007 11:01 am

There are 2 terminals at Gatwick, North and South, with Zoom and Easyjet your are in the South terminal. It is a fairly big terminal but very boring. Land side there is a shopping and eating level if you are into that kind of stuff. There used to be an amazing viewing deck but since 9/11 that has been closed. Since August last year the time it takes to clear security varies drastically sometimes there is no queues other times there are very long queues, so keep an eye on this. Once airside there is a shopping and eating area split over 2 levels with some views of runway and gates there is also an internal viewing gallery. Keep an eye on which gate your plane is leaving from there are 3 piers and some gates are a fair distance from this central area.

As a Dual Citizen of UK and Canada and having both passports I usually travel out through Europe on my Canadian Passports and home to the UK with my British one. I have found Spain to vary when stamping your passport sometimes yes sometimes no, luck of the draw make sure you get into the right lane. I have generally found the Spanish authorities are not that interested in landing cards etc when arriving from UK. So you might get it stamped. If you were coming in from a large number of other European Countries it would not even be checked, so good luck and enjoy.

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RE: Travel Between LGW And BCN

Mon Mar 05, 2007 9:02 pm

Go up to the second level, there is a pub on the right handside, go and have a look to see if there are some good seats for viewing.

Have a look at the terminal map see page 5 http://www.gatwickairport.com/assets...ick_South_Terminal_Map_10-2006.pdf

There is also a sports bar.

On the other side there is an Est Est Est restaurant, you may be able to get a table with a bit of a view of the run way.

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