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GoodYear Is Getting Empty

Tue Mar 06, 2007 6:00 am

I was in Arizona the past few days and toured the boneyard at Davis-Mothan, took a look at the planes at the
Northwest corner of TUS (there's always a bunch of planes parked there), noted a good many planes at Marana from the hiway, and checked out GoodYear.
The last time I was at GoodYear, there was apx 100 airplanes. Saturday we counted 27. Three UA DC-10's are still parked there but the others along with the AA tens are gone, no doubt scrapped. USPS still has a few three holers there along with some MD-80's we think were CO's but are not sure.Toss in a couple of DL 737-200's and thats about it.
Near the building was an all white 747-200.
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RE: GoodYear Is Getting Empty

Tue Mar 06, 2007 6:17 am

The scrapping has been fairly steady at Goodyear but many of those planes thankfully flew out to other operators. It has been great to see the number of airplanes at this facility come down---I would say that of those 100 planes that were there the scrapping versus fly out ratio is about 50/50 but this is just a guess but I get there quite often.