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Finnair Signed For Six More A320s

Tue Jul 25, 2000 9:40 pm

Finnair turned six of its 24 options for the A320 series into firm orders today when it placed an order for two A319s and four A320s, says the Finnair website.

The aircraft are due to be delivered between 2002 and 2003, bringing the total number of the family in Finnair's fleet to 18. That still leaves the company with 18 options. The A320 is used to replace the MD-80 and, later, the DC-9 fleet.

- Hagi, EFHK
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RE: Finnair Signed For Six More A320s

Tue Jul 25, 2000 9:48 pm

They're replacing the MD90s before the DC9s? Anyone know what they're going to do about the long haul fleet? I presum eit'll be the A340 over the A330 since most of their long haul routes are over the pole. 777 would like nice in their livery though.
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RE: Finnair Signed For Six More A320s

Wed Jul 26, 2000 4:14 am

The MD-80s. Yes. Evidently, they'll get a decent resale price out of those, whereas the niners wouldn't be worth much anymore. The MD-80s are, sadly, to be gone in five years.

I'd love to see the 777 in Finnair's livery too, but a mix of A330s & A340s a la SAS would seem more logical given the company's long & thin routes. Whatever they choose, they should get more planes than they have now! I mean, a long haul fleet of FOUR aircraft? How can you keep up a reasonable level of service to several cities with such few vessels, especially now that one is fitted cattle-only and effectively withdrawn from scheduled service? The answer: you can't.

- Hagi / EFHK

RE: Finnair Signed For Six More A320s

Wed Jul 26, 2000 6:40 am

Great, I'm looking forward to see them in Finnair's
nice new livery! But why did they repainted an MD82
if it has to be sold out soon ???

Matej Sabol
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Repainting MD80's

Wed Jul 26, 2000 6:58 am

Since they have to be repainted anyway, they might as well do it in the new colors. They don't spend money on paint for fun, you know  
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Finnair Long-haul

Mon Aug 07, 2000 2:23 am

My bet: Within five years Finnair's state-owned majority (58 %) will be privatized. A major European airline will acquire a stake, most likely British Airways, and the long-haul network hub will be transferred to Stockholm, mainly serving destinations in Asia.

Jan-Erik Andelin
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RE: Finnair Signed For Six More A320s

Mon Aug 07, 2000 3:02 am

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RE: Finnair Long-haul

Wed Aug 16, 2000 4:20 am

An interesting scenario, Md80forum, but based on what?

While privatization is the norm in Europe nowadays, and Finnair might be in an acceptable shape for that, it would hardly be in the state's interests to let go of their stake. Take the present stock price, for instance, and consider how cheap the company would go. The real estate plus the aircraft must be worth a lot more than their current stock value! I would guess that the state will keep at least a 51% majority unless something dramatically affects the airline's stock value. And I can't see anything like that happening in the near future.

And why would long haul operations be moved away from the hub city where the majority of the clientele are? It's not as though steadily-growing air travel encourages that kind of move, all the less when there's virtually no competition to push the weak players out of that specific market sector.

On the other hand, I'm waiting for the day when the other Oneworld members start to make some commitment and take responsibility: right now we only get BA, and while IE, IB, AA and QF appear on codeshared flights to/from HEL, only IB of those has ever really been seen here. I think so far, Oneworld alliance hasn't been much of a benefit for either Finnair or our travelling public, but let's be patient and hope things are still shaping up. At least that's what all the indicators are pointing at.

- Hagi / EFHK

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