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Fedex And Their MD-10(s)

Wed Jul 26, 2000 12:41 am

Does anybody know when, and where, the first MD-10 will be put into service. And will they be used interchangeably with the DC-10. (will same location get MD-10 everyday, or just luck of the draw).
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RE: Fedex And Their MD-10(s)

Wed Jul 26, 2000 1:07 am

From what I've heard the whole DC-10 fleet will be modified to a MD-10 configuration.


RE: Fedex And Their MD-10(s)

Wed Jul 26, 2000 2:31 am

N316FE is the only one in revenue service at this time. It operates between MEM and ATL only for now due to close proximity to MEM if it breaks.
The next one coming on line will be N386FE and I think it is going to ORD or DFW for the same reasons as ATL.
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RE: Fedex And Their MD-10(s)

Sun Jul 30, 2000 1:27 am

the first MD-10 is flying the ATL-MEM hub turn. AFAIK, there have been very few problems with the aircraft, most of which caused by external reasons, ntohing to do with the actual modification (ie, it was hit by lightning on the ground which causes some problems). The crews seem to like it just fine. I know ATL is heavy on the rotation to get them as they com out of the modification, being close enough tpo MEM to send in spare A/C incase of a maintenace problem.

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