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Why Doesn't Show Me All Of The Options?

Thu Mar 08, 2007 10:16 pm

Hi All,

I'm just wondering if there's a reason doesn't show me all of the options when flying from, say CLE-RIC-CLE or CLE-MSY-CLE? I'm searching by schedule not price and I've made sure I don't have the "show nonstop flights only" box checked, but it still seems like I'm only getting nonstop fligths.

I'm searching for Fully Refundable/Nonrestricted (Y booking class) fares so it shouldn't be a matter of the fare not being available on the other flights, I would think, and when I check other sites (for example ITA's Matrix) they are showing all of the nonstop flights I see on Continental's site as well as connecting options through EWR as well as a couple codeshare options through ATL, etc.

I noticed this late last year with MSY, as well. Fery few NS options CLE-MSY, but dozens of CLE-IAH-MSY/MSY-IAH-CLE options... In that case, I just went to the airport and gave the agent the exact flight numbers I wanted to be changed to, but that really seems like a lot more work than should be necessary.

I don't care what the fare is as much as I care about what time I leave Richmond and then get to Cleveland (the later the better) and some of the options with stops look like they're better for me and the client than the nonstop options, with the last NS flight leaving RIC about 6:00 (and that's the one I'm booked on right now)


(Still amazed that it cost $1300 for a 500 mile flight...)
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