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BCal And Dan Air @ ABZ

Sat Mar 17, 2007 12:25 am


I just spotted some photographs of British Caledonian and Dan Air aircraft at Aberdeen (ABZ) in the 80s. I grew up in Aberdeen and can distinctly remember seeing and hearing Dan Air at Aberdeen (my parents often flew down to LGW with them for work) but I cannot remember ever seeing BCal at Aberdeen and don't know where they flew to (other than LGW as it says on one of the pictures.) Does anybody know? Did they just fly to LGW? I also remember the following Dan Air route that used to be flown by BA after the take-over, before it was then dropped: LGW > MAN > ABZ. Were other combined routes operated?

I recently flew business class on Lufthansa and what amuses me is that LH has adopted a business class seating policy identical to that of Dan Air on their 1-11s up to the buy-out: Business class in economy seats with middle seat blocked off as additional space. I had a broschure (now in my parents loft) that introduced the concept - obviously LH also have the broschure  Smile

Any information that anybody can provide would be well received  Smile
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RE: BCal And Dan Air @ ABZ

Sat Mar 17, 2007 12:37 am

These sites might be of interest.

These sites might be of interest.

BCAL was a great, great airline to fly with and for a while the "Caledonian Girls" were as well know and loved as "Singapore Girls"....

You tube clip of the "I wish they all could be Caledonian Girls...." TV advert
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RE: BCal And Dan Air @ ABZ

Sat Mar 17, 2007 1:38 am

British Caledonian (BCal) did not operate any scheduled services to ABZ - Glasgow and Edinburgh were the only Scottish airports served by the Scottish airline based at LGW. Whilst the BCal timetables from the 1980s do include ABZ as a destination, all LGW-ABZ-LGW flights were operated in conjunction with Dan-Air using Dan-Air's metal. BCal aircraft used ABZ for charter flights, but occasionally BCal metal operated the route for Dan-Air Scheduled Services (f the Dan-Air aircraft went tech and BCal had the spare aircraft).

Quoting Door5Right (Reply 1):
BCAL was a great, great airline to fly with

And remember that they were an independent airline, forever denied access to LHR, never received a penny in subsidies, and they often had to compete with the then state-owned and heavily subsidised BA on many routes with BA having the upper hand by operating from LHR. Furthermore, until the late 1980s/early 1990s route licences were then handed out by UK Government, who always gave the prime routes to the state-owned BA and the chicken-feed to the independent airlines. The only way BCal could attract business was to be far better than BA and ensure that their passengers became regulars. Their advertising slogan was "British Caledonian never forgets you have a choice".

A snippet of information: Tim Clarke of EK started his career in civil aviation at BCal!

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