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Planespotters Get Some Recognition

Thu Jul 27, 2000 8:20 am

NBC News ran a segment late on their evening news about Andras, who took the picture of the doomed Concorde, and his partner. They described them as a couple of guys on a three-week European airport planespotting/picture-taking vacation.

As all of us know, some people collect stamps, other collect coins, etc, etc. Then there are those of us (and we may seem a bit weird to some of our friends, I know my coworkers at MSY think I'm nuts) who love to spot and shoot airplanes. Eg, we had an AF Concorde at MSY about 10 years ago, I'm still trying to find the pics I took of it to see which one it was.

Anyways, major props to Andras and company being on the news, via their hobby. It's just a shame that it had to be in this manner.

Tom in NO (at MSY)

P.S. The list of airports that NBC said they were visiting on their trip makes me want to make the same type of trip!
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RE: Planespotters Get Some Recognition

Fri Jul 28, 2000 1:26 pm

Yes indeed. Planespotters now have their day in the sun albeit on one of the darkest days ever in aviation. Congratulations are in order for Andras for taking such a picture of a scene which would have sent most people nearly hysterical indeed. It may indeed be useful in the investigation and may even win an award.

Hopefully that means that planespotters will no longer be harrassed about filming planes at airports....

For all who lost loved ones on that flight, my prayers are with you. May all 113 rest in peace.

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