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Airlines Binefitted Most By Their Alliance

Fri Jul 28, 2000 10:07 am

does anyone have opinions of which airlines have benifitted most from their alliance? what airlines and why.
american-they did not have much prescence over the pacific but with the help of CX and QF, they really have a stranglehold and dominance especially in the south pacific
qantas-they were sortta struggling internationally with such a bad economy(no offence to the aussies) and being far out from everywhere else, they have really had an advantage over several carriers now that they can connect with CX and BA in HKG and LHR and AA in LAX that has really helped them
most of the smaller carriers-now they can have their passengers connecting with other star carriers(LH for example)
those are really the only ones i can really say for sure, i am not sure about qualiflyer,SKYTEAM and the others.
just my opinions, please state yours.
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