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Fri Jul 28, 2000 7:49 pm

Why is'nt there any airline flying Minneapolis (MSP) - Scandinavia non-stop anymore? I find this very strange as Minneapolis and Minnesota is a region with many Scandinavian-American people. Many other American cities have non-stop services from Scandinavia but not maybe the most "Scandinavian" city of them all, Minneapolis.

Is it too much friends/relatives traffic and too little business traffic? Northwest flew MSP-OSL daily last summer with DC10-40, but withdrew in October 1999 after just 4 months in service. I think Northwest did really marketing this route bad, could hardly see any adverts about this route in Scandinavia! The route went well over the summer so why stop it after only 4 months. I call this really bad planning!!!!
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Fri Jul 28, 2000 8:34 pm

I read on northwests webpage that they cancelled the route because of poor load factors, I guess they just werent breaking even.
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Fri Jul 28, 2000 8:45 pm

You're forgetting Icelandair's Reykjavik-MSP flights! It may not be exactly Scandinavia, but close enough.

It must be what you said about plenty of F/R traffic and not enough business traffic; MSP isn't such a huge city and neither is any in Scandinavia. Chicago, already having some nonstop connections to cities in N. Europe, attracts better and is close enough for frequent shuttle service to/from MSP.

A friend of mine travels regularly (a few times a year) between MSP and HEL, using KLM or Northwest via AMS. He's been pretty satisfied with that, albeit the stopover.

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