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332 Vs. 343, In Terms Of Economics

Tue Apr 03, 2007 11:35 pm

I have been trying to make sense of this for a while now. TK used to fly IST-JFK with A343s. Recently they started using the 332 on this route on Wed. and Sat. flights, I don't know how long this will last. Since during the hot and heavy situation at IST, coming up in summers, A332 has to take a penalty on cargo, and even less pax to make the westbound trip. As far as I know A343 doesn't have to.
TK might be doing this to take the A343s to the techshop to retrofit. Or TK might want to offer the 332s with PTVs in Y, and better J seats when it can on this route ( since A343 don't have them yet). That is another topic.

My question is to what is happening now, with both types flying. Which type makes sense economically?

Here is the data from TK's website:

IST-JFK is 8072km.

At any given day why wouldn't TK fly the A343 on the route (since they can), let's say if all the seats are sold out? (more seats, more cargo)
Or is it because A332s economics are so good, the margins are better? (TK has only 5 332s, and mainly used for SE Asia routes, that is why they can only do two IST-JFK flights a week.)

In short, even though there are less seats on a 332, and less cargo space, do you make more money with a A332 on this route than a full A343 pax/belly?